Moms for Liberty works against our liberty

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Nov 28, 2022.

Liberty, according to Webster’s Dictionary, is the condition of not being subject to restriction or control. That is not what the take over of our educational boards by Moms for Liberty represents. This 501c is funded by ‘dark money’ to promote white Christian nationalism in our schools. Separation of church and state is important in order to protect our freedoms of equality for all in our public school system.

Moms for Liberty are domestic terrorists, instead of violence and guns, they will uniformly dismantle any semblance of independence, freedom and equality for our children. Forced banning of books and curriculums will cause an exodus of quality educators and replaced by omission of truths in our history, deterioration of students’ civil rights, and the collapse of our democratic beliefs.

This sickness that is permeating our country must be stopped. These people are not out to protect and educate our children, but to control and brain wash. We must find out who is funding this movement and expose them.

Our founding fathers understood the importance of federal protections for its citizens. The fallacy that states will protect us is being shown every day by an authoritarian movement by our legislators, and now, Moms for Liberty, what hypocrisy. Protect our future generations right to a fair and equal education, denounce these philistines.

Roger Allen, Port Charlotte

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