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By Karen Fisk,  Charlotte Dems legislative tracker

The two-month 2021 Florida Legislative Session started March 1st. Several bills will be heard this week. You are requested to contact by phone or email the senators who chair the committees (name is in CAPS below) where the following bills originate. Your letters and phone calls are a very effective way to urge legislators to support or oppose important bills. You can choose bills in your interest area, framing your letters or calls around the bill summaries outlined below.  Please call and/or email today!

Support  SB 472 – Gain Time Reform / Incentivizing Rehabilitation:  incentivizes and rewards rehabilitation in prison, reduces recidivism and increases public safety, saves hundreds of millions of dollars that can be reinvested in mental health and drug treatment services, educational programming, and vocational skills training.  Chair is Dennis Baxley (850) 487-5012 CRIMINAL JUSTICE

Oppose HB 6013 – Anti-Immigrant E-Verify Bill Harming Businesses and Workers: forces all Florida employers to use the error prone E-Verify database to check the immigration status of all new employees, and provides penalties and loss of license for noncompliance.   Chair is Ben Albritton (850) 487-5026       IMMIGRANTS’ RIGHTS  ( Senator Albritton represents eastern Charlotte County, hence he will be very receptive to his voting community)

Support  HB 7005 – Nursing Homes Held Accountable: nursing homes should be held accountable for abuse, neglect or exploitation during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Chair is Bryan Avila   (850) 717-5111      HEALTH APPROPRIATIONS

Support  HB 9 – Protecting Consumers Against Fraud During a Pandemic: prohibits dissemination of false or misleading information with specific intent during COVID-19.  Chair is Ardian Zika     (850) 717-5037              CONSUMER AFFAIRS

Additionally, these bills will be referred to Committee the week of March 8 – 12:

Support SB 180 – Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: establishes this Office  within the Executive Office of the Governor to ensure that all Floridians deserve and receive equal protection under the law.     Chair is Lori Berman  (850) 497-5031 EXEC. OFFICE OF THE  GOVERNOR

Support   SB 836 – Gun Violence Reduction: creates the Urban Core Gun Violence Task Force. Intent is to reduce gun violence in inner cities.  Chair is Shevrin Jones      (850) 487-5035          LAW ENFORCEMENT    

Support   SB 942 – Law Enforcement Agency Standards: requires the Department of Law Enforcement to set minimum requirements for policies of law enforcement policies to restore public trust.  Chair is Audrey Gibson       (850) 487-5006      LAW ENFORCEMENT

Support   SR 1074 – White Nationalism and White Supremacy: rejects and condemns white nationalism and white supremacy as hateful expressions of intolerance which contradict the values of Floridians and Americans.  Chair is Shevrin Jones    (850) 487-5035   LAW ENFORCEMENT  

Support SB 1742 – Law Enforcement Officer Use of Force:  requires law enforcement agencies to collect data on use of force incidents; provides suspension of funding for agencies that do not comply with data requirements.      Chair is Randolph Bracy  (850) 487-5011  LAW ENFORCEMENT

Thank you for expressing your opinion!  This is what democracy looks like!

Resource: Democratic Women’s Clubs of Florida
Legislative Liaison Committee
Jean Siebenaler, PresidentImage Credits: Charlotte County Dems Graphics