Move away from sensationalism -move toward progress

Submitted by: Catherine Baxter, Charlotte County Dems Writer

The non-black allies of the black lives matter movement may not fully appreciate that their actions may not always be helpful. We may have good intentions when reposting about an injustice, but that repost can also cause more pain. For a family or community grieving over the loss of a man, woman or child to police misconduct, the horrific footage caught on camera and endlessly shared is a constant reminder of their loss and pain.

Rather, we should focus our energies on constructive measures that would lead towards reducing the racism that has been brought so clearly to light in these past weeks. We can seek to educate ourselves about the racism built into our society and to explain it to others. We can volunteer with or donate to the myriad of organizations that do outreach to underprivileged communities and individuals, including Black Lives Matter. We can also make it a point to patronize and support minority owned businesses, and if we own a business, to hire minority candidates. We can and should also celebrate successes along the way.

It will take much more that social media posts and protests to roll back the inequities that have existed in the United States for over 400 years – it will take the effort that structural change requires. It is up to all of us to be a part of it.

Adapted from an article by Melissa Leon Pons of