My COVID-19 test

Image by Shafin Al Asad Protic 

My COVID-19 test

by Jane Merriam, Charlotte County Dems Secretary

I have been extremely careful during the past four months, most social activities via Zoom, order ahead and pick up groceries, social distancing when I have seen people but when I found out that a friend was positive I got a little nervous.  I had not seen him for 12 days but since we didn’t know when he was exposed I wanted to get tested.

I knew that a friend had been tested at Publix, but she had to wait in line for 2 hours in the sun, I didn’t want that test. Then I saw that CVS was testing, I went on the website to sign up but I didn’t qualify, I had been exposed (maybe) but had no symptoms. Then I found a site sponsored by the Charlotte Community Center  I logged on, filled out the forms and was given a time and date.  Not that day but the next day at 10 am and I didn’t have to stand in line, it was a drive thru.  I arrived at the testing site at 9:56 am and was done by 10:12.  It was a simple swab in my throat, I received 5 nice white cotton washable masks, it’s free and I received my results 2 days later.  They are testing at Charlotte Sports Park from 8:30 to 11 am Tuesday and Thursday.  If you think you might have been exposed, I encourage you to go get a test.