NBC2 News covers two Charlotte County Save Our Post Office rallies

The local NBC News affiliate from Fort Myers covered two rallies showing support for the Post Office. About 50 Charlotte County Dems and friends waved signs in front of the Conway Rd. Post Office and 25 were in front of the Main Post Office in Punta Gorda. The rallies were organized by Bill Welsh of Indivisible of Southwest Florida. He began organizing when he discovered that there were going to be Save Our Post Office events held all over the country.

The national rallies were organized by MoveOn.org. The Washington Post reports that thousands of people joined more than 800 Save our Post Office rallies across the U. S. on Sept. 22.

“I’m glad we got as many people that we did. We did very well,” Bill said. “I’m glad we could be part of it.” Jane Merriam, Charlotte County Democratic secretary, agreed with Bill. “We had a good showing.”

Both Jane and Bill urge you to join our team to elect Democrats. “We have to put our nose to the grindstone,” says Bill. And Jane, “we have much work to do.” Please visit our Volunteer Page.

Change takes action! Are you in?

NBC 2 News from Fort Myers covers two Save Our Post Office rallies in Charlotte County.

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Image Credits: NBC 2 NEWS