Trump isn’t a fascist. He’s a Caesarist.

By Elizabeth Svoboda, The Boston Globe, July 21, 2024. Since Donald Trump’s ascent nearly a decade ago, political discourse has thrummed with warnings of approaching American fascism. The talk has only grown louder since the former president’s attempted coup on Jan. 6, 2021, his vows to lock up political opponents, and his boosters’ 2024 campaign

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The Supreme Court’s dangerous power grab

By Editorial Board, Boston Globe, July 1,2024. Its decision on Friday overturning the Chevron doctrine is the latest in a string of rulings to upend court precedent in a way that is dangerous for the rule of law and the principle of separation of powers. In one of the most consequential opinions of its term,

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Project 2025 Explained

The team at Red Wine & Blue have put together a 5-page guide to the massive Project 2025 manifesto that will drive Republican decision-making and governance if they win the White House in November. Click here to read, download and share.  

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The Resistance to a New Trump Administration Has Already Started

By Charlie Savage, Reid J. Epstein, Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Swan, The New York Times, June 16, 2024. Opponents of Donald J. Trump are drafting potential lawsuits in case he is elected in November and carries out mass deportations, as he has vowed. One group has hired a new auditor to withstand any attempt by a second Trump administration to unleash

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If Trump Wins

By Charlie Savage, Jonathan Swan, and Maggie Haberman, The New York Times, June 18, 2024. Donald Trump and his closest allies are preparing a radical reshaping of American government if he regains the White House. Here are some of his plans for cracking down on immigration, directing the Justice Department to prosecute his adversaries, increasing presidential power, upending America’s economic policies, retreating militarily

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Two verdicts and two very different pictures of America’s future

By Kimberly Atkins Stohr, Boston Globe, June 13, 2024. It’s a tale of two trials with very different endings: not for the defendants but for the rest of us. The convictions of former president Donald Trump and Hunter Biden, son of President Biden, have many things in common. But differences in how the former and

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