Non-DeSantis lovers should be welcome here

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on March 23, 2023. 

On March 15th, The Daily Sun published another letter to the editor stating that people who don’t agree with the politics of Gov. DeSantis are not welcome in Florida and should spend the winter months in another state with warm weather and beaches. Gov. DeSantis said “Florida is a free state.” Is it only “free” to year-round residents who agree with his politics?

All Americans are granted “freedom of speech” through the U.S. Constitution. If Florida is truly a “free state,” as Gov. DeSantis claims, it should allow freedom of speech for all, not just full-time residents of Florida who agree with his politics.

Many “snowbirds,” like my husband and me, own property in Florida and live here a great portion of the year. Other visitors rent and, as a result, pay property taxes through their rent paid to the property owners. All visitors to Florida pay sales taxes and support grocery, restaurant, medical and other businesses in Florida.

We think Florida is a beautiful state with wonderful people. I certainly hope everyone is welcome to visit Florida regardless of their political beliefs.

Terisia Bayer, Englewood

 Image Credits: Michael Moline