NRA conservative says gun law is a mistake

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Our governor and Legislature are making a big mistake in advocating for open carry and permitless carry of firearms.

I am a gun owner, member of the NRA, staunch conservative, supporter of our Second Amendment rights and have great respect for our governor.

However, the idea of letting any one carry a weapon without an appropriate background check and training in firearms safety is asking for trouble. With rights come responsibilities.

Although not required to do so (as a veteran) I took the concealed carry course. I took two things away from the course. First, a lot of my classmates were totally clueless around firearms. Second, one of the best things the course taught was that while you had the right to use a firearm it should be the very last option employed.

They taught that before you “clear leather” there are multiple considerations that only come with experience and excellent training that go beyond a simple two-hour class that merely touches the surface. I’ve studied the subject and realized how important it is to have a good instructor.

Open carry is also sometimes referred to as “shoot me first carry” since a criminal intent on violence will take out the most obvious threat to their planned activities. It’s best for those around you to not know who’s armed until. God forbid, you have to reveal it.

Let the governor and Legislature know how you feel if you agree.

Bill Dahms, Cape Haze

 Image Credits: A supporter of open-carry gun laws in Austin in January 2015. (Eric Gay/AP)