Omicron, or no Omicron, get vaccinated

The following editorial appeared in the December 6th edition of The Daily Sun

COVID-19, the Delta variant and now Omicron.

Will this ever end? Maybe not.

The COVID virus seems determined to mutate into historical longevity and its resiliency is frustrating. Your first reaction might be “what the heck. No need to keep getting vaccinated. It will just mutate. I might as well roll the dice.”

That would be a bad reaction.

Even though not enough about Omicron is known to determine if our current vaccines will protect us, it’s still a safer bet to get vaccinated. And, if you’re vaccinated but have put off the booster shot, get it now. Because if there is one thing we do know about COVID and its mutant viruses, not being vaccinated is a sure way to expose yourself and ultimately come down with one of the mutations. And that could put your life in danger.

If for some reason you’ve not been keeping up with the new variant, Omicron, it is a COVID mutant that was first discovered in Africa. And, although nations immediately began closing their borders to people from several African nations, it is spreading, and already discovered in the U.S.

And, you can bet it’s already, or soon to be, in Florida. After all, we are the No. 1 tourist destination in the world. And we are proud — at least our political leadership is proud — that we don’t lock down for any ol’ virus.

World Health Organization officials said last week they believe Omicron will spread easier than any of its predecessors. That is not comforting news.

How deadly it could be is yet to be determined.

We’ve been through this drill for almost two years now. It’s past time to panic. All we can really do is just be smart. And that means making sure we are vaccinated and, if so, making sure we get the booster shot.

Just imagine you’re in a war and you’re putting on another piece of body armor. Better safe than sorry.

 Image Credits: Sun Coast Media Group