Opinion: President Trump is trampling Constitution

CharlotteDems.com Editor’s note: The following letter to the editor written by DEC member Leonard Guckenheimer was published in the Sun Friday, Feb. 1.


Trump campaigned saying the border wall is necessary for national security and that Mexico will pay to build it. Mexico says, “No way, Jose!” For two years, Republicans had control of Congress, but they didn’t build the wall, either. December 2018, Trump reneged on an immigration bill that included border security but without Trump’s wall.

Trump falsely claims Democrats don’t want border security and closed the government to force Democrats to build his wall. Tragically, the shutdown itself makes the U.S. more vulnerable and threatens national security. A partial list: Forcing unpaid federal employees, such as TSA, Coast Guard, air traffic control, etc., to protect the U.S. borders and 12,000 miles of coastline. Many workers are unable to meet living expenses and have to go to food banks. Disgraceful. Very sad.

Disrupting the economy by depriving the public of vital services. GDP losses are now billions of dollars.

Adding to the record $21 trillion national debt. Workers are idle but bills for vacant office rent, maintenance and security still have to be paid.

Creating a constitutional crisis. The shutdown prevents government from fulfilling necessary public services mandated by Congress. Trump’s shutdown is a backdoor veto of laws already in effect.

Congress and the president swore to an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. Trump is trampling the Constitution and undermining national security. Congress must uphold its constitutional duty. Pass a bill to re-open government. If Trump refuses to sign, Congress must override his veto.

Leonard M. Guckenheimer


(See the Letter in the Sun)