Oppose HB 403 home-based businesses

By Laurie Ulrop, Charlotte Dems Legislative Action Committee

There are multiple state preemption bills that have passed their committees and are headed to the floor of the Florida House. We oppose them all, but I want to highlight one in particular that needs you to take action by voicing your opposition to your local Representative, Mike Grant.
HB 403 (
Giallombardo) Home-based Businesses would significantly cut regulations and preempt local rules and ordinances on home-based businesses, giving all decision-making power to the State. I am not talking about opposing a small cookie-baking business in someone’s home. This bill gives complete permission to set up any type of business in a residential zoned area. There are no restrictions on the type of business if that same type of business is lawful currently within the local jurisdiction. It could be a tattoo parlor, a boat repair shop, a funeral home, a warehouse. Anything. 

The main stipulations include the following:
1. The employees must live in the structure in which the business is located (i.e., it must first and foremost be a residence), but up to two employees may live elsewhere;
2. Parking for the business must comply with local zoning requirements;
3. The facade of the home structure in which the business is located must be consistent with the residential area that surrounds it; and
4. The rules do not apply to HOAs or condo associations.

According to the League of Cities, “If passed, this bill would not only fail to protect residents’ private property rights but would also threaten the safety of our local neighborhoods and negatively impact residents’ peaceable enjoyment of their homes.”  Furthermore, given that the new law would not apply to HOAs or condo associations, it seems clear that it is primarily the property rights of the poor and middle class that would be negatively affected. Shame on Republicans for promoting this bill.

Please call and/or email your State Representative Michael Grant (R) and tell him to OPPOSE it.                                           
email: [email protected]                                          
Office:  850-717-5075                                         
Local: 941-613-0914

Thank you very much for your help in participating in your Democracy!

Source: Democratic Women’s Clubs of Florida,  Legislative Liaison Committee,  Jean Siebenaler, Chair