Oppose these 7 anti-democratic bills

These seven anti-democratic bills are coming before the Senate Rules Committee on April 6th.

Email or call your Senator and the Chair of the Senate Rules Committee using the contact information below. Copy and paste the following along with your name and address in the text of your message.

SB 78SB 90SB 268HB 529SB 582SB 1890 and SB 1924 are on the Tuesday, April 6th meeting agenda of the Senate Rules Committee.

I urge you to vote NO on SB 78SB 90SB 268HB 529SB 582SB 1890 and SB 1924

SB 78    Dues and Uniform Assessments    Rodrigues      HB 947

·        Makes the unionization process needlessly cumbersome and heavy-handed for Florida’s public sector workers. Adds needless red tape to the process of joining a union by requiring members to reauthorize their membership.

SB 90     Vote-by-mail Ballots    Baxley      HB 7041

·        Limits the duration of requests for vote-by-mail ballots to all elections held within a calendar year of a request. Places unnecessary and unwarranted constraints on requests for mail in ballots. Suppresses voter turnout.

SB 268     Preemption of Local Occupational Licensing    Perry    HB 735

·        Preempts licensing of occupations to state. Preemption by the state precludes residents from enacting public policy initiatives that address issues of concern in their local communities.

HB 529    Moments of Silence in Public Schools    Fine    SB 282

·        Requires 1 to 2 minutes of silence at beginning of each school day. Parents, not government, should oversee religious education. Students’ First Amendment rights must be protected.

SB 582    Parental Rights    Rodrigues     HB 241

·        Forces school teachers and counselors to out students, putting LGBTQ students in harm’s way. Makes accessing healthcare or counseling more difficult for LGBTQ youth, and may lead to removal of any topic a parent says is “harmful” from school curricula.

SB 1890    Campaign Financing    Rodrigues   HB 699

·        Places limitations on contributions made to political committees sponsoring a constitutional amendment proposed by initiative.  Restricts powers of those who seek change outside of a gridlocked state legislature.

SB 1924    Emergency Management Powers of Political Subdivisions       Diaz    HB 945

·        Pre-empts local governments from issuance of certain emergency orders to protect the health, safety and well-being of its citizens.




Senate Rules Committee Members
DistrictLast NameEmailPhonePosition
26Albrittonalbritton.ben.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5026 
12Baxleybaxley.dennis.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5012 
4Beanbean.aaron.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5004 
32Bookbook.lauren.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5032 
11Bracybracy.randolph.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5011 
24Brandesbrandes.jeff.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5024 
36Diaz, Jr.diaz.manny.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5036 
34Farmerfarmer.gary.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5034 
37Garciagarcia.ileana.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5037 
6Gibsongibson.audrey.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5006 
23Grutersgruters.joe.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5023 
7Hutsonhutson.travis.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5007 
17Mayfieldmayfield.debbie.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5017 
28Passidomopassidomo.kathleen.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5028Chair
30Powellpowell.bobby.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5030 
22Stargelstargel.kelli.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5022 
33Thurstonthurston.perry.web@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5033 


Image Credits: Charlotte County Dems Graphics