Poor excuses for not taking the vaccine

This letter to the editor was published in The Daily Sun on August 18, 2021.

I am so tired of the fake controversy with the Covid vaccine. I am a three-time cancer victor. I got vaccinated ASAP. My family did as well, most of them, those that didn’t have their excuses. Mostly being “I don’t trust the government.”

The government distributed the vaccine. Most of the non-vaccine people I know, besides the mistrust, say it was developed too fast. I had no idea they had a medical degree? The Covid vaccine was derived from the SARS and MERS vaccines. Some say they don’t trust the long term effects. Covid has long term effects especially for the seniors and now children are victims.

This is a global pandemic that will continue to morph and strengthen all due to the selfishness of the non-vaccine group. We have all been vaccinated for disease, our children have been vaccinated. I hope they realize the political talking heads and the Republicans in Congress including Mr. Trump have all been vaccinated. The anti-maskers spew garbage about infringing on their freedoms. Their freedoms are infringing on ours who live on planet Earth. They are responsible for this virus’ resurgence.

We vaccinated are not to shame, argue or brow beat them while they yell and threaten mask wearers. The mask mandate is worthy of a Darwin Award and Gov. Desantis should be obligated to work a shift in a children’s Covid ward, tell parents their children have died. He’d never make it. That would take courage and character.

Felicia Tannehill

Port Charlotte