Precinct Captains to Engage in Voter Registration Efforts!

by Larry Kuranowicz, Precinct Captain Coordinator

This fall another tool will be added to the kit carried by Democratic volunteers as we seek to turn out every last vote in Charlotte County for the 2020 election.

In addition to our efforts to enroll registered Democrats to Vote By Mail, Precinct Captains will be carrying with them the materials to register new voters as they go door to door.

A push to register voters has been mounted by several groups statewide, one notably led by former gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, and the FDP has asked us to engage on this front.
Voter Registration has been spearheaded by the Charlotte County Democratic Club, in partnership with members of Indivisible, and they will continue that work. Training is offered at the Club every Thursday at 1:00 pm. Elaine Lowry, Connie Payne, and Nancy Razvoza lead the one-hour sessions that prepare volunteers to register new voters.

Nancy will also lead a training at the next Precinct Captain’s monthly meeting on September 2nd, bringing PC’s up to speed on the methods of properly registering voters. This opens up a whole new avenue to reaching potential Democratic-leaning voters.
For while the Democratic Club and Indivisible’s outreach to the community is event-based, stationing teams of the registrar’s at public places like libraries and other public gatherings, or community events like the Farmer’s Market, the CCDEC can target unregistered voters in their neighborhoods while going door to door!

The Democratic National Committee recognizes the importance of Florida in 2020. Once again our state will play a pivotal role in deciding the election’s outcome. Redoubled efforts and increased funding have come our way. Some of this will be in the form of expanded data aimed at identifying potential areas of growth in the voter base.

Finding and registering new voters is just one of the ways we will win in 2020. We will employ every means at our disposal to deliver a record-shattering turnout at the polls!

This is without a doubt the most important election in our lives! With World War II-style internment camps, American citizens afraid to leave the house without their “papers”, a free-for-all of corruption and an opponent that welcomes the interference of a hostile foreign government, our democracy is perilously close to going off the rails! We can not afford to leave any stone unturned. We must wring out every last vote!
Join us!