President Biden’s Opening in Florida

To: Interested Parties
From: Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden-Harris 2024 Campaign Manager
Subject: President Biden’s Opening in Florida
Date: April 1, 2024

Team Biden-Harris enters the general election cycle in a position of strength. Because our
agenda is strong and a proven winner, because our coalition is broad and diverse, and because
of our strong financial footing, we are entering the general election with multiple pathways to
270 electoral votes – something Team Trump is not afforded. That includes investing in Florida
as a pathway to victory: a state where President Biden has a compelling story of results to tell,
Trump and Rick Scott’s extreme agenda is making Floridians’ lives worse, and the Democratic
coalition is growing and energized.

Abortion Rights Will Be Front and Center in Florida This Election Cycle
Florida’s Supreme Court just issued a ruling allowing Ron DeSantis’ near-total abortion ban to
go into effect next month, ripping away access to reproductive care before many women know
they are pregnant. This new, extreme abortion ban – one that Donald Trump personally paved
the way for – will now amount to a ban for the entire Southeast. Women in need of
reproductive care throughout the region now face a choice between putting their lives at risk or
traveling hundreds or thousands of miles to get care.

As we’ve seen in election after election, protecting abortion rights is mobilizing a diverse and
growing segment of voters to help buoy Democrats up and down the ballot. With an abortion
amendment officially on the ballot this November in Florida, President Biden and Vice President
Harris and their commitment to fighting back against Donald Trump and Rick Scott’s attacks on
reproductive freedom will help mobilize and expand the electorate in the state, given the
overwhelming majority of Floridians support abortion rights. And Florida Republicans will
be forced to defend their cruel, indefensible support of this abortion ban.

Florida is Ground Zero for Trump’s MAGA Blueprint
Our advantage is not just on abortion rights. Extreme MAGA Republicans – following in the
footsteps of Donald Trump – have made Florida the blueprint for their toxic and losing agenda.
These toxic ideas were put on the national stage with DeSantis and Trump running to out
MAGA each other.

In Florida, here’s a snapshot of just some of the deeply unpopular legislation passed by the
MAGA Republican-dominated state legislature to assault Floridians’ rights and freedoms:
● Banned abortion and forced victims of rape or incest to show proof to be able to get
access to health care
● Made it easier for criminals to carry guns
● Banned books, rewrote history, and attacked the most vulnerable communities
Florida Republicans’ toxic political agenda isn’t just taking away rights; it’s leading to higher
costs for Florida’s working families:
● Florida has faced some of the fastest rising housing costs in recent years
● Property insurance companies are fleecing Florida homeowners, in some cases Florida
homeowners’ premiums are 400% higher today than they were five years ago, while
DeSantis bailed out these companies with taxpayer dollars and helped shield insurance
companies from lawsuits
● Florida ranks 44th among all states for health insurance access and affordability, while
Ron DeSantis and now-Senator Scott refused to expand Medicaid
● Florida is one of 10 states to fail to expand Medicaid in our state and the unwinding
process is creating a crisis of the uninsured. Nearly half a million children have lost
coverage as a result, including thousands on Easter Sunday over the weekend.

This MAGA blueprint will be on the center stage down ballot as well as on the presidential level.

Rick Scott – the architect of a plan to gut Social Security and Medicare and Senate
Republicans’ historic losses in the 2022 midterms – is running in a competitive election against
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell, a first-generation Latina with a winning record in tough races.

Team Biden-Harris Is Running on a Popular Record of Delivering For Floridians
President Biden and Vice President Harris also boast a historic record that is popular among
Florida voters.

Health Care: Florida leads the nation in enrollment in the ACA – a law Donald Trump has
pledged to terminate, and Miami-Dade County, the state’s most populous county, has led the
country in ACA enrollment. And thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act and American Rescue
plan, 4.2 million Floridians signed up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act
Marketplace and most will save hundreds on health care premiums.

Protecting Social Security and Medicare, Lowering Health Care Costs: President Biden
and Vice President are running to protect and strengthen Social Security against Trump and
Rick Scott’s promises to cut it, key to the 4.8 million Florida seniors also benefiting from
President Biden’s work to lower out-of-pocket prescription drug costs and cap insulin costs.

Fighting Gun Violence: Florida has been an epicenter for gun violence, from Parkland to Pulse
to last year’s racist shooting in Jacksonville. President Biden passed the Bipartisan Safer
Communities Act, the first significant federal gun safety legislation in three decades, to help
keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. Vice President Harris leads the first-ever
Office of Gun Violence Prevention, and just announced new executive actions during her visit to
Parkland. And Florida Congressman Maxwell Frost, who was motivated to run on the issue,
serves as a member of the campaign’s National Advisory Board.

Making Life Better for Floridians: More than $15.6 billion from President Biden’s Bipartisan
Infrastructure Law has funded 581 projects to invest in roads, bridges, clean water, high-speed
internet including expanding access to broadband in rural communities, and more. That includes
restoring the Everglades and modernizing Orlando International Airport. And President Biden
hasn’t just lowered health care costs for Floridians; since October 2021, the Biden-Harris
administration has cleared over $6.5 billion in student debt through the Public Service Loan
Forgiveness program and fixes to Income-Driven Repayment programs — one of the largest
balances in the nation.

The Biden-Harris agenda is overwhelmingly impacting the voters that will decide this election –
and present an opportunity to motivate them to turn out in support of the president and vice

Mobilizing the Biden-Harris Coalition in Florida
Since the 2022 midterms in Florida, there have been resounding rejections of MAGA politics.
Last May, Donna Deegan, a Democrat, won the Jacksonville mayoral race for just the second
time in the last three decades, flipping the county by 15 points – only six months after DeSantis’
win. Earlier this year, Tom Keen won a battleground State House District that had previously
been won by DeSantis by 13 points. Following a trend seen nationwide, in other down-ballot
races in Florida, we’ve seen Democrats overperform and Republicans consistently

These wins send a clear signal: as voters see more and more of the extreme policies enacted
by MAGA Republicans, they reject them.

President Biden is also well-positioned to assemble a winning coalition in Florida, foremost
given that he is uniquely strong with seniors, an influential, reliable, and large voting group.
Among seniors, President Biden is growing his margins of support, has some of his strongest
approval ratings, and in 2020, performed better with seniors than Democrats had in two
decades. With support of the Alliance of Retired Americans, with its largest membership in
Florida, Team Biden-Harris will be able to mobilize these key voters in a cycle that could very
well determine the fate of their hard-earned Medicare and Social Security benefits.

Winning Florida also requires the ability to mobilize Florida’s large and diverse communities of
color across the state, including Hispanic voters, Black voters, and young voters. The
President’s agenda and platform of fighting for freedoms, lowering costs, and creating jobs are
resonant among these communities, and Team Biden-Harris is making voters of color a
centerpiece of its campaign strategy. That includes:
● Early investments into reaching Florida voters as a part of Team Biden-Harris’ fall $25
million launch and its spring $30 million ad buy
● The launch of Latinos con Biden-Harris, an organizing program with strong roots among
Florida’s large Cuban, Venezuelan, and Boricua population
● Consistent travel and campaigning in the state, including Vice President Harris’ recent
trip to Parkland and to Puerto Rico, and the Second Gentleman’s visit to Miami
● Targeted buy around the 14th anniversary of the passage of the ACA, targeting young,
Hispanic, and Black voters in Florida

President Biden also has an opportunity with Haley voters in Florida. 155,000 Republican
primary voters in Florida voted for Nikki Haley in a primary that came after she suspended her
campaign. Similar to other states, including those with exit polls, we fully expect that many of
those voters will not vote for Trump and are winnable for President Biden this November.

Winning Florida
Our agenda, our coalition, and the unique dynamics this election presents make it clear:
President Biden is in a stronger position to win Florida this cycle than he was in 2020.
Make no mistake: Florida is not an easy state to win, but it is a winnable one for President
Biden, especially given Trump’s weak, cash-strapped campaign, and serious vulnerabilities
within his coalition.

Winning Florida requires being strategic with resources, while putting in the work early and often
to reach its many diverse constituencies. That’s exactly what Team Biden-Harris is doing. Last
week, we announced that we are bringing on three seasoned operatives to lead our Florida
campaign: Jasmine Burney Clark as state campaign manager and Phillip Jerez and Jackie
Lee as senior advisors. These strategists will leverage their deep experience in the state to put
Donald Trump on defense in his home state.

From a cruel and dangerous abortion ban and overt attacks on seniors to soaring costs caused
by Republican policies, Donald Trump’s platform is uniquely unpopular with the voters who will
decide this election in the Sunshine State – and our campaign is primed and ready to seize on
the opportunity.Image Credits: JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images