REMEMBER! A vote for April Freeman is a vote for our New DEMOCRATIC Congressional Candidate

If you registered to vote by mail (VBM), you should be receiving your ballot shortly, if you haven’t already.

Because our Congressional District 17 candidate, April Freeman, died unexpectedly on September 23rd, the ballots still have her name printed on them.

You should still mark your ballot for APRIL FREEMAN!!

Allen Ellison, Democratic candidate for US Rep., FL Dist. 17

Votes for her will count for the new District 17 Democratic candidate Allen Ellison. Allen was overwhelmingly selected from a field of four Democrats who stepped up to serve in April’s place.

It is CRITICAL that you cast your vote for APRIL FREEMAN in order to stop right-wing Republican Greg Steube from winning!

Greg Steube, GOP candidate for US Rep., Dist. 17

Steube is a one issue candidate who only wants to put more guns in more places — schools, government offices, and parks. Steube has been in the NRA’s pocket during his time in Tallahassee. And it’s likely he’ll keep promoting nonsensical ideas about guns if he’s allowed to go to Washington.

So remember, a Vote for APRIL FREEMAN is a Vote for the DEMOCRAT’S candidate for Congressional District 17, Allen Ellison. Allen will help make our schools safer for our kids, by promoting common-sense gun laws.

VOTE APRIL FREEMAN, elect Alen Ellison!