Rep. Steube fails to work for his constituents

Instead of working for the people of his district, US House Representative Greg Steube (R) has repeatedly worked to harm his constituents.

“Voters in Charlotte and Sarasota counties are fed up with Representative Steube,” said Dawn Mann, chair of the Charlotte County Democrat Party. “Look at any social media platform: he’s being called out for not supporting aid to Ukraine, for voting against FEMA funding, he wants to cut Title I school funding, the list goes on and on. Come election day, voters—regardless of party—are going to let him know just how angry they are.”

Steube voted AGAINST the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act; the Chips and Science Act; the PACT Act to help veterans; and the Inflation Reduction Act. These programs have and will continue to bring federal monies to Floridians across the state.

And what of the budget cuts Steube supports? The largest proposed cut—80%—is to Title I, which provides funds to schools in low-income areas. Several Charlotte County schools receive Title I funds. It seems Stuebe is focused on hurting the most vulnerable.

Steube also views support for Ukraine as “reckless.” Stopping Vladmir Putin’s dream of expanding Russia’s borders not only protects our European allies; it sends a clear message to other would-be expansionist countries like China. “The US would be acting recklessly if it failed to support Ukraine,” said CCDP chair Dawn Mann. “A vote against aid for Ukraine is a vote for Vladimir Putin. The Ukrainian community in Charlotte and Sarasota counties understands what’s at stake. Steube clearly does not.”

And his latest antics: proposing to change the House GOP rule that bars anyone facing indictment on federal charges from holding the Speaker position in the US House of Representatives and declaring his support for Donald Trump as Speaker simply cannot be taken seriously. The harm to our democracy, the functioning of our government, and the standing of the US in the world community would be incalculable.

Submitted by Dawn Mann, Chair of the Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee