Republican club’s spot on front page a waste

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on May 17, 2023.

An article about the Sarasota Republican Assembly Club, a fringe group, was on the front page (May 10, 2023) of The Daily Sun. The Sarasota Republican Party leadership doesn’t even acknowledge this “organization.”

This group still supports the Master of Deceitfulness (CNN Town Hall May 10), who was just judged guilty of sexual assault and defamation of character. The group admits they don’t know how to “stop” indictments. It takes 15 seconds to find that information on the Internet.

“Fight back for Trump.” What? “If they can do this to him, what in the world do you think they could do to you and me?” That’s quite the rallying cry. Well, you would be incarcerated if you committed the crimes. That thought is difficult to comprehend for those who have never been held accountable for their own wrongdoings. A reasonable person could agree with one point in this article, the self-proclaimed, “…yeah, we are different.”

I support The Daily Sun and its commitment to free speech. The Venice Democratic Club and Charlotte County Democrats work to positively influence the political decisions in our region and state. To my knowledge, these organizations haven’t been featured on the Sun’s front page. These clubs have many members and hold monthly meetings. Democrats are trying to address the meaningful issues in Florida, not the distracting “culture war” nonsense.

People need to be discerning. Filter and fact-check the “information” that is being spread. BTW: The earth is not flat. We’ve been to the moon. Vaccines work. Trump spreads disinformation.

Cindy Scaruffi-Klispie, Punta Gorda