Republicans defend rich, Democrats help businesses

The following Letter to the Editor appeared in The Daily Sun on Feb 5, 2022.

President Biden recently mused, “What do Republicans stand for?”

It’s an interesting question and not simply a rhetorical one. Here’s a snapshot: Republicans stand for lower taxes for the wealthy and corporations; prioritize corporations over people; whitewash a violent insurrection; root for book burning; tell schools how to teach history; plot to overturn elections; force women to give birth; refuse to respect and trust women; demonize immigrants; work to dismantle gun safety measures; make voting harder for likely Democratic voters; use race as a tool of division; rally against vaccinations which curb COVID spread.

Democrats stand for: good paying jobs; build bridges; fix roads; make it easier to get loans to start a business; increase access to higher education and health care; child support; day care; pre-K; affordable prescription drugs; hearing, dental and vision loss coverage for seniors; affordable housing; cut child poverty; improve broadband access; combat climate change; allow women to make decisions about their bodies; COVID vaccines so people can return to work; fair justice system; better policing; respect for truth and the rule of law.

Democrats make it easier to be successful and cheaper to raise kids. Republicans defend billionaires who pay no taxes.

Kathleen Davey, Punta Gorda