Republicans do nothing about our housing crisis

The following was published in The Daily Sun on Feb 4, 2022.

Editor: Every Floridian deserves the freedom to know that, if they work hard, they’ll be able to rent or purchase a quality home for their family. At the present time, this is not the case and Governor Ron DeSantis and Republicans majorities in our Legislature have done nothing to solve this crisis. Instead, they’ve given massive tax breaks to developers who jack up our rents and sales prices and to insurance companies who let our property insurance rates skyrocket. It’s past time to stop giving handouts to corporate donors and crack down on developers and insurance companies so Floridians can find an affordable place to live.

Unless a person is making a lot of money, they can’t afford to buy or rent a house. Businesses can’t expand because there’s no affordable housing for their workforce.

Sadly, today’s Republican Party opposes domestic spending for human needs strictly on ideological grounds. Democrats care about people, Republicans care about corporations.

To end the housing crisis, elect Democrats in November.

Francis Dance, Englewood