Republicans know Trump is not best choice

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Aug 1, 2023.

Every single one of them knows better. There isn’t one Republican voter or one Republican politician who doesn’t know deep down in his soul that Donald Trump is not qualified to be the president of our country.

Perhaps in 2016 they might have been fooled and even excited about a different sounding politician who spurned the bull and the political correctness that is so prevalent in Washington these days. But the reality of what followed, no matter how they tried to justify, equivocate, or just plain look away, painted a picture they simply can’t deny.

Even before the election he was admitting to molesting women, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. He promised to drain the swamp, but instead filled it with criminals and grifters, many of which are now either under indictment or testifying against him. He sided with Russia over his own intelligence community and sided with white supremacists in Charlottesville. Then came the impeachments and the lies, the insurrection, and more lies, and once out of office came indictments, both criminal and civil with additional criminal indictments to come. And more lies and more lies and more lies… No political leader of any kind in the history of our country has ever been associated with the multitude of crimes, grift, and self-serving behavior as this man, and there isn’t a single American who is truly honest with himself, who believes this empty, immoral man is really fit to lead our great country.

Douglas Campbell, Port Charlotte