Republicans still attacking home rule

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Feb 9, 2022.

The Republican-controlled Florida Legislature is continuing its assault on home rule. Several bills introduced in the Florida House and Senate would, if enacted, devastate Charlotte County, and give Tallahassee the final say over how our city and county are managed.

Republicans want local businesses to be able to claim damages if a local ordinance reduced their revenue or profits by at least 15%. This may be a trial lawyer’s dream, but it’s a taxpayer’s nightmare as all of us will be on the hook to defend against a potential flood of lawsuits. Nothing could be more anti-freedom than turning over local government to the whims of corporate interests whose sole focus is on increasing profits not doing what’s best for people.

Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to choose between funding vital services that ensure our communities are healthy and safe versus fighting litigation from corporate special interests. Local governments are not the enemy.

We must stop Republicans’ efforts to eliminate local freedom as we know it.

Linda DeMeritt, Port Charlotte