Rick Scott and Marco Rubio: How each are handling the impeachment

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]See this enlighting yet disturbing analyssis of Florida’s Senators approach to their responsibilities in the Trump impeachment trial.  (Commentary by Charlotte County Democrats)

SOURCE:  tampabay.com-2020 0129

By Alex Daugherty
Published Jan. 29

Sen. Marco Rubio may be avoiding the spotlight during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial — refusing to answer questions even as Republican colleagues including fellow Florida Sen. Rick Scott take turns in front of the cameras — but he didn’t miss an opportunity Tuesday to use the trial for political gain.

As the president’s defense team ended its opening arguments, Rubio’s campaign sent an email to supporters with the subject line “Take notes like Marco!” The email promises to send supporters who donate at least $35 a quill pen with the senator’s name on it, a reference to the first day of the impeachment trial when Rubio made ripples on social media by pulling a quill pen out of his desk on the Senate floor. The donation link in the email goes to WinRed, a newly launched Republican small-dollar fundraising effort that promotes Republicans running for office.

A spokesperson for Rubio said he isn’t commenting on trial developments, pointing to a December tweet where Rubio said his decision on Trump’s conduct would be based on whether he thinks Trump “committed treason, bribery & or a high crime or misdemeanor as meant by the Constitution AND…if so, does it rise to a level warranting removal or is it best left for voters to decide in just 11 months.”


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