Ron DeSantis has failed kids on education

He can try to paint a different picture, but Ron DeSantis has done nothing to address a critical teachers shortage – instead, he has injected divisive culture wars and chaos into our children’s classrooms and has threatened to defund school districts whose leaders disagree with him.
Here’s the reality of education in Florida under Ron DeSantis:
DeSantis politized our classrooms, attacked teachers, and used students as props. He has banned books and canceled historical events that don’t benefit him politically. Instead of politicizing schools and making life as difficult as possible for teachers, DeSantis should have invested in public education.
Because DeSantis is more focused on culture wars, Florida had a nearly 10,000 teacher shortage before this school year began. Under DeSantis, Florida ranks 48th in teacher salary and 43rd in education funding. 75% of third graders don’t demonstrate “proficient” reading levels, and fewer than half of high schoolers are posting desired algebra scores.

Image Credits: Damon Winter/The New York Times