Rubio was wrong about committee’s purpose

The following Letter to the Editor was published in the Daily Sun on June 20, 2022.

Editor: The riveting testimony at the first hearings of the committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol revealed how wrong Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was when he referred to the hearings as a “complete political scam.”

The hearings led with remarks by Liz Cheney, one of the most conservative Republicans in the House, thus dispelling Rubio’s inaccurate claims that the hearings are partisan. Cheney said: “Tonight, I say this to our Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible: there will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.”

Using never seen video and testimony from witnesses, the committee began to make a compelling case that the attack on the capitol was anything but a “tourist visit” as claimed by some Republicans. There was also evidence that the attack had been planned and orchestrated by the former President and his allies.

The evidence and testimony presented at the initial hearing of the Committee contained information all Americans should hear. To dismiss those facts before the fact, as Rubio did, is shameful. This November, voters will have a chance to replace Senator Rubio with a leader who stands up for truth.

Bill Welsch, Punta Gorda

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