Saturday’s letters to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune: insurrection, remove Trump, make Steube (& Scott) pay

President, GOP to blame for insurrection

OMG! We are now officially a Third World country! Led by a would-be dictator, emperor and king, and enabled by the majority of his party, officials and supporters. 

Donald Trump’s “go home” message to the mob included talk about the “stolen” election and called essentially anyone who voted against him “evil.” 

He told the mob to go in peace, and “We love you.”

Why have we allowed this to happen? 

Trump and his official enablers should be arrested for incitement to riot! If you’re an American, regardless of political party, you’ve got to be upset at the insurrection in D.C. 

This was clearly an act of sedition (look up the definition) against the duly elected government of the United States.

Ken Smith, Venice

Remove Trump from office in final days

Vice President Mike Pence did his duty Wednesday night and Thursday morning. He supervised the counting of the Electoral College votes and saw them recorded. Joe Biden will become president.

Now, the vice president should secure his place in history and lead the Cabinet in the removal of Donald Trump under the 25th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Some would say, just wait Trump out and soon he will be gone. But even with less than two weeks before Biden’s inauguration, the deranged wannabe dictator could do tremendous damage, and if past is prologue, he will.

The New York Times banner headline Thursday morning was “TRUMP INCITES MOB.” He certainly did, and people died at the Capitol.

The president is guilty of inciting domestic terrorism and promoting insurrection. He is a terrorist leader as certainly as Osama bin Laden was. What else might Trump do in the coming days?  

Not only is Trump dangerous but removing him immediately would have other benefits. If he is removed immediately, he would not be able to pardon himself, his grifter spawn or any of his remaining criminal cronies.

It would also assure him a well-deserved place in the history of infamy.

Roger Morton, Sarasota

Make Steube, other seditious lawmakers pay

As appalling as the actions of the Trump mob were on Wednesday, they pale in comparison to the action of a number of members of Congress.

I refer specifically to Republican Rep. Greg Steube, of Florida’s 17th District, who continues to act as a Donald Trump lapdog, claiming that there is evidence of election fraud without being able to provide a single piece of evidence to support that claim.

When the leaders of the mob are put on trial, Trump and Steube, and the rest of those with their false claims of voting fraud, should be put on trial with them.

I urge every voter to remember where those like Steube who supported this failed attempt at sedition stood.

They should be put on trial for treason, but failing that, at least make sure they never win another election.

Stanford Ross, Sarasota

Editor’s note:  Senator Rick Scott also claimed evidence of Election Fraud in the evening of January 6th