Senate & House Calendars Week of April 22

There are two weeks remaining in the 2019 Florida State Legislature. Enough time to do immense harm. Listed are bills that must be stopped.

HB refers to a House Bill. Call Rep. Michael Grant, 850-717-5075

SB refers to a Senate Bill. Call Sen. Bill Albritton, 863-534-0073, Call Sen. Joe Gruters, 850-487-5023

NO: HB 7093/SB 7030 – School Safety. Arming teachers puts children and the school community at greater risk of gun violence.

NO: HB 7095/ SB 7070 – School Choice. Funnels general revenue dollars to private and religious schools; reduces general revenue for public schools. Unconstitutional based on 2006 Supreme Court decision.

NO:  HB 527 /SB 168 – Federal Immigration. Prohibits sanctuary cities; threatens, profiles, harasses and detains immigrant families. Corrodes community trust.

NO:  HB 7089 / SB 7068 – Voting Rights. Unconstitutional overreach that restricts the right to vote of returning citizens after 64 percent of the electorate voted to pass Amendment 4.

NO: HB 131 / SB 230 – Voter Registration Maintenance. Requires county supervisors of election receive lists on monthly basis of potential jurors and drivers license applicants who have identified themselves as non-citizens. Previous lists have been inaccurate, unreliable, and out-of-date. Florida does not have a problem with voter registration fraud.

NO: HB 7111 / SB 7096 – Constitutional Amendments. Requires volunteers who collect petitions to register with the state. Allows the state to place unfair and biased language on the ballot for initiatives it doesn’t support and hinders citizen participation in making policy.