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Editor’s note:  The Charlotte Sun reaches over 30,000 residents, about 20% of our county’s population, across all political persuasions via its various local editions.  Many Democrats have taken to expressing their opinion by submitting 250 word or less Letters to the Editor.  Below are two more recent examples. Join them by submitting your opinion via this template. Read more letters to the editor by clicking here.

Address gun safety, not fictional voting fraud

If you want to know what matters to the GOP, simply look at the bills they are filing, including here in Florida.

Take for example, the issues of gun safety versus voter suppression.

Following the murder of eight people in Atlanta, Republican elected officials, including our own Florida senators, offered “thoughts and prayers,” but stopped short of considering measures such as background checks and banning assault weapons – both of which are supported by a majority of responsible gun owners.

Meanwhile, those same Republicans are hard at work passing laws to “fix” an election system which produced a high turnout, virtually error-free, election in 2020. There are over 250 bills in 43 states, including Florida, which would make voting harder. Our Florida elected officials, not to be outdone by the racist election law passed by their Georgia counterparts, are considering a bill to include provisions such as not providing water to voters waiting in long lines.

Over 40,000 people died in gun-related injuries in 2020, a fact ignored by our elected officials as they scramble to make it harder to vote.

Rather than work to “fix” elections, those who represent us should be fixing real problems, including the unacceptable rate of gun deaths in our country.

Vicki Welsch, Punta Gorda

Trickle down” economics doesn’t work

“Trickle down” economic theory espoused by elected Republicans is being raised again in response to President Biden’s proposals to tax the wealthiest among us.

On a recent Sunday morning show, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss), whose state has the 10th worst infrastructure in the country, asked the show’s host “How could the president expect to have bipartisanship when his proposal is a repeal of one of our signature issues in 2017, where we cut the tax rate and made the United States finally more competitive when it comes to the way we treat job creators?

Job creators? Really?

Evidence from sources like the Congressional Research Service reveals that tax breaks for wealthy people and corporations do not “trickle down” to us. According to the respected Pew Center, “The growth in income in recent decades has tilted to upper-income households while the same time, the U.S. middle class … is shrinking.”

Republicans continue to tout “trickle down” when evidence suggests that approach is ineffective. The rich who fund Republican campaigns, however, feel that tax breaks are a fine way to go regardless of the impact on average citizens.

Trickle down is fantasy.

Thanks, President Biden, for offering a different approach to economic development!

Mary Fabrio, Port Charlotte

 Image Credits: Sun Coast Media Group