State Rep Michael Grant: Vote against House Bill 5

Lenny Guckenheimer  wrote this letter to our state representative and asks you to do the same by Wednesday, Feb 2nd.  His email address is

Dear Representative Michael Grant,

I urge you to vote against HB 5, Reducing Fetal and Infant Mortality bill. Cutting allowable abortions by two-and-half months will force women to have unwanted children they cannot take care of properly. Despite its name, HB 5 will have the opposite effect: increase fetal and infant mortality.

I make my case opposing HB 5, not because it infringes on the rights of a woman to make her own healthcare decisions but because of:

  • No expiration or review. Will HB 5 be rescinded if it causes more injury and death to fetuses, infants and pregnant women, and mothers than before HB 5 was enacted?
  • Unequal effects on women based on wealth, class, race, and ethnicity. Wealthier women can more easily escape this law by simply leaving Florida to have an abortion somewhere else.
  • Domestic violence. The Legislature fails to deal with intimate partner violence against pregnant women. This violence can cause miscarriage or stillbirth. Domestic violence causes post-traumatic stress syndrome to the mother. The fetus may suffer impaired physical and mental development.
  • Evictions during pandemic. Because Florida badly mishandled federal pandemic renter assistance, hundreds if not thousands of Florida families are being evicted from their homes. How are these families going to take care of their infants without a decent place to live?
  • Broken child and foster child care system. Dept. of Family and Children is chronically incapable of handling existing child abuse cases, and the foster
  • care system is broken. HB5 will add more stress to a broken system.

If the Legislature really cared about improving fetus, infant, and maternal wellbeing, you would:

  • Expand Medicaid.
  • Mandate parental leave for mothers and fathers to take care of their newborn babies.
  • Expand sex education to include family planning, safe sex, and contraception.
  • Build low-cost, affordable housing for families.

I urge you to vote against HB 5.


Leonard Guckenheimer