Stop the Sarasota fish farm project!

Kampachi Farms, LLC, proposes the installation of Velella Epsilon, a pilot demonstration project consisting of 20,000 Almoco jack (80,000 lbs at harvest) within a net pen approximately 45 miles WSW of Sarasota, FL and generally down current of Charlotte, Lee and Collier counties coastline. 

Noted environmentalist and Indivisible member Dr. Richard Whitman, has studied the proposed project and presented his objections in detail to the Army Corps of Engineers:  VE Fish Farm Comments 

The Army Corps is taking public comments through November 19 as outlined in this public notice.

Whitman’s primary concerns are that the EPA has not done due diligence in preparing nor reviewing this project and its possible impacts on the delicate Gulf of Mexico ecosystem.

Contact the Army Corps at the email address below and express opposition to this project:
Courtesy: Indivisible Southwest Florida

Image Credits: Indivisible Southwest Florida