Tallahassee is still at it. Let them know how you feel!

By Karen Fisk, Charlotte Dems writer and DWC legislative liaison.

In this fifth week of the FL Legislature, we have one big bill to support and one to oppose.  Please use the contact information below in (  ) to voice your stance on these bills.

SB 208     Renewable Energy:  This bill authorizes businesses to install, maintain, and operate a renewable energy source device and to sell electricity so generated  to others.  Although at first this bill pre-empted energy authority to the state, it is now amended to give local businesses this power, so we SUPPORT SB 208. (Sen. Brandes, Sponsor   [email protected].  850-487-5024)

HB 5401    Special Trusts:  This bill would raid the trust fund at a time when affordable housing is of paramount importance for Floridians. Since 2008, the Florida Legislature has swept $2.01 billion in affordable housing dollars for other projects, causing Florida to lose out on development of 167,000 affordable housing units.

This year, the Legislature has no excuse to sweep the trust funds.  The state is receiving billions of federal dollars from the American Rescue Plan.  That money can be spent  on water projects, while the housing crisis has only gotten worse.  We need to dramatically increase the supply of affordable housing.  Stealing money from the trust fund to pay for other programs is the last thing the state should be considering, so we OPPOSE HB 5401.              (Sen. Rouson, Chair   [email protected]   850-487-5019)