The man who sold his soul: Adam Putnam sides with Marion Hammer over gun violence Victims

Tallahassee, Fl. — After two weeks of silence, today Adam Putnam made clear where his true loyalties lie: with Marion Hammer and the gun lobby. In a blatant effort to win over the support of the NRA ahead of the Republican gubernatorial primary, Putnam came out against gun safety policies that even Republicans support and are widely seen as commonsense solutions to provide care to the victims of mass shootings and reduce gun violence.

It started this morning when Putnam announced that he was against raising the minimum age for gun purchases — a proposal that even Donald Trump supports. Then, hours later, Putnam released a statement saying that he is opposed to a Senate bill that would fund trauma centers that treat the victims of mass shootings.

“You can’t make this up: Adam Putnam is literally prioritizing the NRA’s political agenda over the well-being of gun violence victims,” said FDP spokesperson Kevin Donohoe. “Putnam’s willingness to sacrifice Floridians’ lives to advance his own political ambitions is shocking. But what else could we expect from a proud NRA sellout?”

It’s just the latest developments in a week in which Putnam has re-embraced his militantly pro-gun views after staying silent after the Parkland tragedy. Earlier this week, Putnam told the Daytona Beach News-Journal that he would not disavow his past comments identifying as a proud ‘#NRASellout.”

Tampa Bay Times: Putnam opposes using gun fees to reimburse trauma centers for treating shooting victims
Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam broke his silence Wednesday on the proposed school safety legislation moving through the Florida House and Senate.In a statement, he opposed the Senate plan, SB 7026, to direct $10 million collected from concealed weapons license fees to reimburse designated trauma centers for treatment of mass shooting victims.

Tampa Bay Times: Adam Putnam opposes raising Florida’s gun buying age to 21
“I can’t imagine that a state that has done so much to encourage youth hunter safety would outlaw the purchase of any and all firearms by someone under 21,” Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said in a statement when asked where he stands on the assorted gun control proposals — arming teachers, three-day waiting periods, bump stock ban, raising the minimum age for buying a rifle from 18 to 21 – by the governor and legislators.”