This should not be politics as usual

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Dec 20, 2023.

I wonder which is more frightening if you are a Democrat, a reasonable Independent, or simply a sane American patriot. Is it that there are millions of Americans still under the delusion that Donald Trump is qualified to be our next president or is it that dozens, if not hundreds, of members of Congress — who know he isn’t — are afraid to speak out for fear of backlash from the cult?

We now have ample evidence that behind the scenes, many members of Congress refer to Trump as the “orange Jesus” who must be obeyed or face threats from his supporters. In the past, being caught in just one blatant lie or being indicted for just one felony would be reason to step down.

Calling just one judge a scumbag, one prosecutor vermin would be enough for most patriotic voters to turn away. And yet they hang on to their maniacal hero, even though many must know full well he is unfit.

This is unprecedented in American history, but today, his cult members simply deem it politics as usual.

Brian Maloney, Port Charlotte