Trump is on the Wrong Side of Everything

Image Credits : The New Yorker

Submitted by: Denise Candea

Donald Trump is the guy on the wrong side of every issue. Even as he lies, distorts, threatens and belittles, he manages to hold onto 90% of Republicans by playing to their fears; that is, until COVID-19 and the racist police murders. He now seems to be very wrong on his Black Lives Matter response with so many of those who have stuck with him until now. He is reduced to talking to the base that he will never lose, even if he shoots someone in the middle of 5th Avenue in Manhattan. White grievance has always been at the very core of his devout support, probably because it’s the very core of Donald Trump. He speaks their language; the tropes, the stereotypes, birtherism, the Central Park 5, vicious dogs, good people on both sides, supporting the confederate symbols of slavery. Just think of that: the president of the United States of America purposefully uses language to race bait his loyalists into a frenzy. He speaks for them because he is one of them.

He threw his older supporters under the bus when he told them that they needed to be “warriors” for re-opening and then mocked the use of masks so that to wear one is to be disloyal to him. He tear gassed peaceful protesters to clear a public space in order to have a photo op with the Bible, a book he has never read. He has no clue how to fix the economy, so even those “but my 401k” Republicans are now not at all sure about their economic futures. His base has permanently shrunk and may shrink more.

These are not normal times and this will not be a normal election in November. Trump is not a normal man. He is a racist. The most ardent arguments against Trump come from current and renounced Republicans, such as Republican Voters Against Trump and the Lincoln Project . Some knew in 2016; others who voted for him have slowly turned away because of his ignorance, ineptitude and cruelty. We must invite Republicans who are fed up with Trump to vote with us to rid this malignancy and we must see that those senators and representatives that supported him so strongly go too. Truly drain the swamp! When the GOP return to something resembling normalcy, they can return to their party of tax breaks for the rich, unless they discover that inclusion, the hallmark of Democratic principles, genuinely benefits us all.

In November, all voters of conscience must permanently remove this plague and his sycophants from American society. VOTE!