Vaccination isn’t a political decision, it is a medical decision

We buried my older brother today; not because he had been sick, but because what should have been a simple medical decision got twisted into a political debate. And he, like thousands of others, lost.

He was betrayed by people who themselves were vaccinated and who stayed away from people who weren’t, people who let on that COVID is a hoax. A former President who himself was hospitalized with COVID, who himself was vaccinated, who himself commissioned the development of the vaccines, who didn’t endorse the vaccines and so many of his followers walked away from a simple vaccination which would have protected them, their loved ones and the community at large. Instead, my brother was buried today because his news givers told him it was all a hoax and he believed them and not the science.

Some have said, “well, it’s God’s will” that he died. No, it wasn’t God’s will. God imbued a group of scientists with the ability to develop a vaccination that would stop the spread of this virus. The same way God gave a different set of scientists the ability to develop a vaccination for polio, smallpox, yellow fever, measles, shingles and so on. God gave us free will; but with freedom to choose comes accepting consequences for those choices and I think he expects/hopes his creation will use wisely what he has provided.

The vaccination isn’t a political decision; it is a medical decision. The wearing of a mask isn’t a political decision; it is a societal decision. Sadly, this medical decision has gotten all twisted into the political melee.

My brother, like many similar thinking folks, carried a concealed pistol in his boot to guard against some potential threat to his safety which might be lurking out there. Sadly, he dismissed a real, sneaky, unseen threat which he could have prevented with a simple vaccination. Two injections which would have taken him less than ten minutes to receive would have saved his life. He wasn’t sick; he was betrayed by people he trusted.

And so, we buried my brother today. He was a good man. He was loved and respected by people who knew him. His word was his bond. He told the truth as he understood the truth. If only the people he trusted had been as honest.

By Harold R. Frakes, West Chester, Iowa