Vigil in Homestead-Miami Detention Center to support Migrant children

Charlotte County Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida joins two local groups to participate in a Mother’s Day vigil at the Homestead Detention Center for migrant children. The other groups are the Immigration Justice Committee – Universalist Unitarian Fellowship of Charlotte County and the Immigration Action Group – SWFL Indivisible. Local participation is being organized by Vielka Wambold, CCDHCF chairperson.

The detention center, Homestead “Temporary” Child Detention Center holds children who were detained as they and their families were attempting to gain asylum in the U. S.  Some children traveled alone to seek asylum.  Because children and adults are held in different facilities, children have been separated from their families. This privately-run, for-profit detention camp is located on federal land and therefore has virtually no oversight to ensure the quality of care the children receive.  Witnesses positioned daily outside the center monitor and report on the center’s daily activities.

“There has been a continuous vigil (by the witnesses) for more than 80 days at Homestead”, Vielka said. The purpose of the “vigil is to shine a light on the harm being done to these children by the Trump administration’s immigration policies.” More than 2500 children currently are held with approximately other 500-700 children expected to arrive within weeks, Vielka said.

This Mother’s Day vigil is a national event highlighting the fact that families are adversely affected by the forced separation of children and adults, and that it is fueled by massive profits.  “Mother’s Day is celebrated in all but two South and Central America countries, like the U. S., in the month of May. The children know its Mother’s Day”, said Vielka. “We’re showing we support them, we see them, and especially that No Están Solos (they are not alone)”.

Carpools are being arranged to meet then leave from the Charlotte County Event Center in Punta Gorda on Mother’s Day,12 May, at 8:00 a.m. Vielka advises, “Witnesses should bring with them the same things you would bring to the beach, like sunscreen, water, umbrella.” Vigil organizers are also asking for people to bring canopies or tents.

Anyone who wants to be a witness and participate in the Mother’s Day vigil at the Homestead “Temporary” Child Detention Center or wants more information, please call Vielka Wambold 719-439-9429 or email  Also, visit this FaceBook page.