Virtual slate card aids your voting decisions

2020 Sample Ballot

Democratic Party

President and Vice President

__X_ Joseph R Biden

           Kamala D. Harris

Representative of Congress District 17

__X_ Allen Ellison

State Representative District 75

__X_ David G. Jones

State Senator District 23

__X_ Katherine Norman

Clerk of the Court – no opinion

Sheriff – no opinion

Airport Authority – no opinion

For the Supreme Court Judges and the District Court of Appeals – all judges are running to be retained.  They were all appointed by Republican Governors and if, not retained, Governor DeSantis would appoint their replacements – no opinion

Soil and Water Conservation District 1 – no opinion

Amendment 1 – Citizenship Requirement to Vote in Florida  – NO

The constitution already states that only US citizens can vote.

Amendment 2 – Constitutional Amendment Article X, Section 24 – YES

It would raise the minimum wage to $10 by 2021 from the current $8.56/hr and increase it a dollar per year until it reaches $15/hr in 2026. This change would help Florida’s working poor.

Amendment 3 – Constitutional Amendment Article VI, Section 5 – NO

While allowing all voters to vote for governor, cabinet and legislature sounds good, this change could allow for the top two vote-getting candidates in the primary election to be of the same political party.  Those two candidates would then face off in the general election.

Amendment 4 – Constitutional Amendment Article XI, Sections 5 & 7 – NO

It would require any constitutional amendment to be approved in two elections with 60% of the electorate’s approval each time.  The goal is to make it too expensive for citizens to change the constitution.

Amendment 5 – Constitutional Amendment Article VII, Section 4 and Article XII – YES

It would increase the time residents have to transfer Homestead tax benefits from 2 to 3 years. However, if passed it would reduce property tax revenue.

Amendment 6 – Constitutional Amendment Article VII, Section 6 and Article XII – YES

It would provide Homestead property tax discounts for deceased veterans with combat-related disabilities and would carry over to a veteran’s surviving spouse.

The “Penny Tax” – YES

This tax has been in effect since 1994 and has provided many benefits to our citizens.  The money from this tax paid for the new library in Punta Gorda, sewer-related systems, parks and boat ramps.

Image Credits: Charlotte County Democrats