It’s time to vote

Early voting continues, 7 am to 7 pm, through Monday night.  Election Day is Tuesday, Nov 8th. Confirm your voting location (and that your Vote by Mail ballot was counted, if applicable) at  Call the Supervisor of Elections at (941) 833-5400 or our office at (941) 764-8440 if you have any questions.

Below are our Democratic voting recommendations, including judge retentions and amendments with explanations, and even a sample ballot.

Supreme Court judge retention recommendations:

CanadyCharles T. (NOP) NO
CourielJohn D. (NOP) NO
GrosshansJamie  (NOP) NO 
LabargaJorge  (NOP) YES
PolstonRicky  (NOP) NO

Second District Court of Appeal Judges recommendations:

All except Northcutt were appointed by a Republican governor.  Northcutt was appointed by Lawton Chiles, so he is a YES. All others are a NO.
Charlotte County (and Punta Gorda, as applicable) Charter Amendments recommendations:
Vote YES for the 3 amendments.  We have no recommendation for the Punta Gorda Referendum on ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AD VALOREM (PROPERTY) TAX EXEMPTIONS.
Vote YES on  the Charlotte County School District “AD VALOREM MILLAGE ELECTION”:  The Charlotte County School referendum is up for renewal this November and we need the community to understand the importance of this continuing. We’ve seen huge steps forward in our school system over the past four years and we can’t afford to go backwards.  These funds are helping create a much stronger education system for the children of Charlotte County, which is vital part of what helps a community thrive. It’s not a new tax or anything additional than what we’ve already been paying for the past 4 years. Whether you have children or not, this does have a positive impact on you as well. Please Vote Yes for Success! (credit: Brian Faro, Port Charlotte).

Constitutional Amendment Recommendations:

Vote NO on 1: This amendment only benefits the wealthy beachfront homeowners. If I install new windows, it increases the value of my home and I do not get this. If one makes improvements to their home, it should become part of the value of the home for taxation purposes: this rule should apply to all of us. Exempting the wealthy is just that, exempting the wealthy who do not need this advantage more than the rest of us.

Vote YES on 2:  We believe that this commission is appointed by Republicans, the process is controlled by Republicans, and is another avenue they could use to eliminate the women’s right to privacy. Let’s remove this tool.

Vote YES on 3: Every election they choose a group to give this additional homestead exemption to. We should ALL get it. Eventually we will need a constitutional amendment or something to give this to all of us. But for now, let’s vote YES for teachers, fire fighters, etc.

English Ballot LanguageSpanish Ballot Language
No. 1 Constitutional Amendment Article VII, Section 4; Article XII, Section 42

N.º 1 Enmienda Constitucional

Capítulo VII, Artículo 4;Capítulo XII, Artículo 42

Limitation on the Assessment of Real Property Used for Residential Purposes

Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution, effective January 1, 2023, to authorize the Legislature, by general law, to prohibit the consideration of any change or improvement made to real property used for residential purposes to improve the property’s resistance to flood damage in determining the assessed value of such property for ad valorem taxation purposes.  Yes    No 

Límites Sobre La Tasación de Bienes Raíces Utilizados con Fines Residenciales

Proponer una enmienda a la Constitución Estatal, con entrada en vigor el 1.° de enero de 2023, que autorice a Legislatura, de acuerdo con la ley general, a prohibir la consideración de cualquier cambio o mejora a los bienes raíces utilizados con fines residenciales que aumente la resistencia del bien frente a daños por inundaciones a la hora de determinar el valor de dicho bien con el fin de calcular el impuesto ad valorem.  Sí    No


No. 2 Constitutional Amendment,

Article II, Section 5; Article XI, Sections 2 and 5

N.º 2 Enmienda Constitucional

Capítulo II, Artículo 5;

Capítulo XI, Artículos 2 y 5

Abolishing the Constitution Revision Commission

Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to abolish the Constitution Revision Commission, which meets at 20-year intervals and is scheduled to next convene in 2037, as a method of submitting proposed amendments or revisions to the State Constitution to electors of the state for approval. This amendment does not affect the ability to revise or amend the State Constitution through citizen initiative, constitutional convention, the Taxation and Budget Reform Commission, or legislative joint resolution.     Yes     No

Disolver la Comisión de Revisión Constitucional

Proponer una enmienda a la Constitución Estatal para disolver la Comisión de Revisión Constitucional, la cual se reúne cada 20 años y cuya próxima convocación está programada para 2037, como método para presentar propuestas de enmiendas o revisiones a la Constitución Estatal para la aprobación de los electores del estado. Esta enmienda no afecta la capacidad de revisar o enmendar la Constitución Estatal por medio de una iniciativa de los ciudadanos, convención constitucional, Comisión de Reforma Impositiva y Presupuestaria o resolución conjunta legislativa. Sí     No

No. 3 Constitutional Amendment Article VII, Section 6; Article XIIN.º 3 Enmienda Constitucional Capítulo VII, Artículo 6; Capítulo XII
Additional Homestead Property Tax Exemption for Specified Critical Public Services Workforce

Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to authorize the Legislature, by general law, to grant an additional homestead tax exemption for nonschool levies of up to $50,000 of the assessed value of homestead property owned by classroom teachers, law enforcement officers, correctional officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, child welfare services professionals, active duty members of the United States Armed Forces, and Florida National Guard members. This amendment shall take effect January 1, 2023. Yes No 

Exención Impositiva Adicional Para Viviendas Familiares de Trabajadores de Servicios Públicos Esenciales Determinados

Se propone una enmienda a la Constitución Estatal que autorice al Poder Legislativo, de conformidad con la ley general, para conceder una exención impositiva adicional respecto a gravámenes no escolares de hasta USD 50,000 de la tasación de viviendas familiares de maestros de aula, policías, funcionarios penitenciarios, bomberos, técnicos médicos de emergencia, paramédicos, profesionales de servicios de asistencia social infantil, miembros en servicio activo de las Fuerzas Armadas de los Estados Unidos, y miembros de la Guardia Nacional de Florida. La enmienda entrará en vigencia el 1.° de enero de 2023.Sí No 

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