Vote by Mail: safe, effective, and only positive side effects – Step 1

By Charles Magoffin, Charlotte County Dems Writer

Editor’s note: This is Step 1 of a 3 Step series. Step 2 will deal with ballot requests, and Step 3 with ballot delivery and tracking. Stay tuned!

Joe Biden commenced his campaign with this urgent diagnosis: “We are in a battle for the soul of this nation.” The first step to win this battle is to make sure you’re registered to vote (

To help this ailing country, we need to take the right medicine, and voting in any form will be just the cure needed.

For many, vote-by-mail (VBM) will be the preferred method because it’s easy, safe, and effective. In a previous three-part-series, I debunked the claims that VBM has widespread fraud. In this next series, I’ll explain how to ensure your vote gets counted in Charlotte County.

It starts with registering to vote (if you haven’t already); verifying registration info is correct; and, if necessary, ensuring your current signature matches that on file with the Supervisor of Elections (SOE).

Registering online is easy (, but just calling the SOE at 941-833-5400 is easy too! Applications are also available at your local SOE office, the Division of Elections, driver’s license offices, state agencies that provide public assistance, state agencies that serve persons with disabilities, public libraries, and many other public locations. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, call ahead to ensure an office is open. Remember, you must be registered for at least 29 days before you can vote in an election. If you wait until the last minute (Oct. 5th), you should plan to vote in person on Election Day.

To verify registration, it’s easiest done online or by calling the SOE office (information above). Of course, you may visit the SOE office at the Historic Courthouse in Punta Gorda, but again, call ahead to verify open hours.

Suppose you’re concerned whether your current signature matches records on file. In that case, you may file a new application online (to update your signature) or visit the SOE office to view your signature and take necessary corrective steps in person.

If for whatever reason, you’re unsure of the process above, call the Charlotte County Democratic office at (941) 258-3542, and we will answer your questions or direct you to the proper resources.

Tune in to Step 2 next week that will review the ballot request options. Let’s make your vote count  by taking the medicine we need!