Vote for Demings, Crist and Kale

The following Letter to the  Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Oct 27, 2022.

The Democratic party hasn’t shifted left, it’s the Republican party that has been hijacked by MAGA extremists and are now so far right that everyone else appears “liberal” to them. Listen up: those “libs” get things done. Unfix your catatonic stare from Faux News and you’ll realize the magnitude of legislation that President Biden has passed. Republicans only offer criticism without solutions.

During the debate, Val Demings made mincemeat of “Little Marco.” He squirmed like a chastised schoolboy.

Rubio will ban all abortions and do nothing for sensible gun control. He is an absentee senator — not present to vote and represent us (look it up).

“Marco? … Where are you?”

Demings will represent us.

Any educator/health professional/librarian/woman should agree that Crist should be our governor. What is wrong with DeSantis? Banning books? Not letting school districts protect their children/ teachers/staffs with masks or businesses with vaccines? He attacks cruise lines and the Mouse. Nobody messes with the Mouse. Disney has twice as many employees as the votes he won by in 2018. Vote for a sane, even-tempered, non-bullying, and experienced leader, Charlie Crist.

Steube has voted against everything: lowering insulin costs, help for injured veterans, the Infrastructure/ Jobs Act. Even The Daily Sun said, “We find it difficult … to say much good about Steube.”

Name one thing he has done.

Nada. Vote for Andrea Doria Kale. She will represent us and get things done.

Vote for Demings, Crist, and Kale if you care about Florida’s future.

Cindy Scaruffi-Klispie, Punta Gorda

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