Voter Protection

Voter Suppression is no Hoax!

Sometimes voters cannot cast their ballots. Other times, they cast their ballots — but those ballots are never counted.

The mission of the Florida Democratic Party’s Voter Protection Department is to make sure that every eligible voter is allowed to cast a ballot that actually counts.

The central challenge facing the Voter Protection Team is that we have thousands of volunteers statewide working very hard to register voters, persuade those voters to support our Democratic nominees, and get out the vote on Election Day — and yet, too many of those votes we fought so hard to deliver may never be counted.

The Voter Protection Department solves problems. We remove impediments to voter registration, voter participation, and the fair administration of elections in all 67 counties.

Many of our volunteers have been working in Florida voter protection for three decades or more. We hope you will join us in building our voter protection bench for the future.

Charlotte County Democrats’ Voter Protection Team

The right to vote is the one right that preserves all others. Each election, it’s imperative that all of us are able to vote when we show up to the polls. The Charlotte County Democratic Party is committed to protecting your right to vote through our Voter Protection Program. 

Here’s how we’ll do it

  • Making sure voters have the resources they need to have a successful voting experience
  • Coordinating with our Democratic candidates and campaigns to help people get to the polls
  • Staffing a statewide Voter Protection Hotline, 833 VOTE-FLA or 833-868-3352 and our Local Hotline 941-746-8440 staffed with voter advocates and lawyers during early voting and on Election Day
  • You can assist us in recruiting other Voter Protection team members.
  • You can be a poll watcher or poll greeter during Early Voting (Oct. 19-Nov. 1) and/or on Election Day (Nov.3).
  • Are you interested in being a poll worker? Go to for more information.

Poll Greeter

  • Poll greeters stand outside the polling place, talking to voters, answering questions, and handing out literature, including a sample ballot.
  • They explain anything that might be confusing to voters, and they may even help an undecided voter make a decision.
  • They are the face of the Democratic Party on Election Day.

Poll Watchers

  • Political Parties are permitted by law to designate individuals as “poll watchers” to observe the administration of elections. Just by being there, a poll watcher’s presence at a polling place helps promote transparency and accountability.
  • Poll watchers track important data, such as how long voters wait to vote, whether election equipment is operating correctly, and whether proper opening and closing protocols are adhered to.
  • Poll watchers report data, concerns, and incidents directly to Charlotte County Democratic Party’s Voter Protection Team in real-time.
  • Poll watchers are our eyes and ears on the ground during voting, and an essential part of our voter protection efforts.
  • There is online training offered through the Florida Democratic Party.

Poll Workers

  • Poll workers (as opposed to poll “watchers”) are paid positions with your county of residence. We need good people working in polling locations who are committed to providing access to the polls!
  • The county trains you, pays you, and allows you to see the inner workings of election administration. Expect to work a full day on Election Day. More information about being a poll worker can be found at

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