We need a strong IRS to catch elite cheats

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Jan 14, 2023.

After a chaotic election for house speaker, the Republican party has begun showing how it intends to govern. Just out of the gate, they came, determined to torch funding for IRS, which has been underfunded, crippling vital collections of money necessary to run our country. Of course, their story to us says they are defending us from the IRS. But factually, few ordinary taxpayers, with simple returns have been audited and few will.

Who will be audited? The ultra-wealthy who have used all the dodges that came to light in the recent release of President Trump’s taxes. He’s proud of being “smart.” But when he and his cronies don’t pay, we do, or the huge debt our government owes increases.

It should surprise no one that once again, Republicans are doing the business of big corporations, billionaires and powerful people who don’t pay their share. The last time Republicans had control they passed a $1.9 billion tax cut, most of which heavily favored the wealthiest Americans, corporations and individuals. Trump bragged about it to them after it passed.

These people/corporations, have a right to prosper but not to have the scales tipped so unfairly in their favor. More personnel are needed in the IRS to catch tax fraud. When the elite cheat, it costs us. Don’t buy the lies and deceptions of these puppets of the powerful. Demand fairness.

Dorothy Gaylord, Punta Gorda

 Image Credits: courtneyk | E+ | Getty Images