We should be fed up with Steube’s hypocrisy

The following Letter to the Editor appeared in The Daily Sun on Nov 10, 2021.  

In a recent newsletter, U.S. Rep. Steube posted, “I took this opportunity to press Garland for answers explaining his egregious politicization of the department, most recently displayed in the difference in treatment of the violent extremists who raided the Department of Interior (DOI) on October 14, 2021 versus the protestors from January 6, 2021.”

Per Steube, here is the “raid”: Dozens of activist protesting fossil fuel projects were arrested Thursday in Washington, D.C., after they staged a sit-in at the Interior Department, a move that led to “multiple injuries” and at least one law enforcement officer being transported to a hospital.

Only the most biased Trump devotee would believe that this incident was, in any way, a “moral equivalent” to the attack on the Capitol where the “protesters” threatened its members and chanted, “Hang Mike Pence.”

Steube’s second assertion – that of AG Garland’s “egregious politicization of the department” – reaches a new level of hypocrisy. No president in history manipulated the Department of Justice to further his political goals more than President Trump. The most recent example is Trump’s attempt to have the DOJ announce falsely that they had started an investigation into the 2020 election and then send a bogus letter to the battleground states instructing them to not certify the elections. You don’t hear any “egregious politicization of the department” from Steube over this – and, if we had a representative actually doing his job, you would.

Tell Steube that you are fed up with his poor representation – and his hypocrisy – and vote him out of office next November.

Dean K. Tomlin, Port Charlotte