Seeking a web developer familiar with WordPress to manage the Charlotte County Democrats website. Transition and training will be available from our current webmaster who will continue to be available as a resource as long as possible. The site is currently in good shape and needs someone who can make sure it stays that way.

Skills Required

As a webmaster, you should be familiar with the following:
* WordPress management – updates, user management, menu maintenance, FTP, cPanel, etc.
* Light HTML, CSS & JavaScript
* Crisis management – plan for backups, restoration, how to recover from hacks.
* Familiar with .htaccess directives and 301/302 redirects.
* MySQL maintenance, how to back up and restore via PHPMyAdmin

Time Commitment

10 to 15 hours per week, sometimes more during busy periods.

Committee / Team Leader

Jim Blue – Communication Committee Chair

Interested? Please Apply Here!