What are Republicans’ plans for the nation?

The following Letter to the Editor was published in The Daily Sun on Aug 22, 2022.

I get letters from the Right asking for money to defeat the liberal agenda. They never mention things they are going to do, just things they are against.

I want to know just what the Republican agenda is. More laws against what books you can read, more laws against your right to assemble, more laws against things you can say? For folk who talk so much about freedom they sure make up a bunch of laws. If this is their idea of freedom, I want no part of it.

Then there is lawyer Ron, Ron DeSantis knows most of these laws will be shot down in the courts, but he doesn’t have to pay for that, you do and meanwhile it makes a nice sound bite on Fox news. Lawyer Ron we all know how trustworthy lawyers are. Maybe later on he can do like his buddy Trump and plead the fifth.

One last thing, why are Republicans so scared of the IRS. What are they and their corporation buddies so scared of? I guess they are worried that they might have to pay their fair share for a change. Please remember not to carry “ammunition, knives, projectiles, pepper spray, expandable batons, [and] firearms” to any of lawyer Ron’s rallies as stated by the Republican party information hand out.

John Whitmire, Arcadia

 Image Credits: James Yang / Washington Post