What does the Republican Party stand for anymore?

Editor’s note: This letter was published in The Sun last Friday, April 9th
By Jane Merriam, Charlotte County Dems contributing writer

There has been much discussion recently about what the Republican Party stands for. What is often ignored in this conversation is that for years the Party has been an amalgam of factions: foreign policy hawks, free-marketers, and Christian evangelicals. Then in 2008 the election of Barack Obama spurred the Tea Party movement that fed off the anger of many white voters and created an opening for Donald Trump as president.

Even though the Party knew Trump was self-serving with a history of failing to see anything beyond his personal interests, they were willing to put him in charge of our government, our international prestige, our economic might, and our nuclear arsenal. They stood by as candidate Trump demeaned a Gold Star family, mocked a disabled reporter, claimed climate change was a hoax, claimed John McCain was not a war hero and compared Candidate Ben Carson to a child molester. These statements did not damage candidate Trump, they enhanced his campaign.

After Trump was elected, the one-time Party of fiscal discipline accepted a budget that proposed years of trillion-dollar deficits. The Party of free trade condoned Trump’s trade wars. The party of law and order blessed Trump’s attacks on the FBI, and the party of personal responsibility accepted his payment of hush money to an adult film actress. So much for the party of limited government.

In 2020, a vast majority of the American people wanted to see this nation continue in tolerance and freedom and denounced a demagogue —they voted for a Democrat.