What is DeSantis Hiding from his Relationship with Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman?

Questions continue to arise after reports of the relationship between DeSantis and the two arrested men

Gov. DeSantis (right) with Lev Parnas (left), one of the men arrested and charged with conspiracy and making false statements to campaign finance regulators.
While reports continue to show a clear connection between Governor DeSantis and arrested Giuliani associates, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, Floridians are still waiting for DeSantis to answer what his relationship was with the Giuliani associates, and explain why his campaign accepted foreign contributions.
Here are 5 questions Governor DeSantis should have to answer:
  • According to the Tampa Bay Times, Lev Parnas hosted two fundraisers for DeSantis in 2018, one of them a very private event for around 30 people including the governor. Were foreign nationals at the fundraisers?
  • The two Soviet-born Giuliani associates were arrested for funneling cash to “buy potential influence with candidates, campaigns, and the candidates’ governments.” — what did they request, if anything, from then-candidate and Trump’s friend Ron DeSantis?
  • What was promised, if anything, to Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman in exchange for their contributions to DeSantis?
  • It is clear now that DeSantis received foreign money in his campaign — how widespread were the foreign contributions and were Parnas and Fruman the only foreign nationals funneling illegal contributions to Ron DeSantis?
  • Why are Republicans in Florida silent on the issue and why aren’t they pressing DeSantis for answers?
  • Bonus question:  why has Rick Scott refused to give back the money he received from Fruman and Parnas?