Who We Are

The Charlotte County Democrats are volunteers from our community who work tirelessly to help their neighbors.  We value the dignity of work, of service, and of humanity.

Differences will always exist, and robust debate helps us find common ground, but we need to agree on common facts.  We know that America can achieve greatness again, but we will never get there if we embrace hatred and ignore scientific facts.

We have some hard work ahead of us as a county, state, and nation.  Together we will prevail as the United States of America; one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Democrats from across the state are united by shared values that define who we are and what we stand for. That means striving to ensure all Floridians have a fair and equal chance at a good life, regardless of their background, where they came from, what they’re worth, their religion, their ethnicity, their skin color or who they love.

Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee

Teresa Jenkins
Larry Kuranowicz
Vice Chair of Operations
Bil Tucker
Dr. Lucy Huyke Garner
State Committeewoman
Tom Garner
State Committeeman
Kathleen Davey

Standing Committees and Caucuses

The Charlotte County Democratic Executive Committee (CCDEC) includes many standing committees. Any Democrat who resides in Charlotte County is eligible to serve in an advisory capacity on these committees, and all CCDEC members may serve on any committee.

The Candidate & Campaign Committee identifies, recruits, trains, and provides support for candidates for federal, state, county, and local/municipal office.

Candidate & Campaign Chaircandidates@charlottedems.com

The Communications Committee is responsible for editing, publishing, and expanding the audience for CharlotteDems communications.


Disability Committee advocates for the full inclusion of persons with disabilities, fosters persons with disabilities for political office, and works to promote the involvement of individuals with disabilities in the political process.

Chair: disability@charlottedems.com

The Diversity & Inclusion Committee ensures the CharlotteDems organization truly represents, includes, and serves disenfranchised and oppressed communities, including people of color, immigrants, the disabled, and the poor. Register voters and increase voter turnout in these communities.

Chair: diversity@charlottedems.com

Education Committee ensures that the Charlotte County Public School system (“CCPS”) discharges its educational responsibilities owed to the public, students, teachers and staff.

Chair: education@charlottedems.com

The Finance Committee ensures compliance with Charlotte Democrats financial reporting requirements.

Chair: finance@charlottedems.com

The Fundraising Committee raises funds to support our work, including by cultivating monthly supporters and major donors, and by hosting fundraising events.

Chair: fundraising@charlottedems.com

The Membership Committee recruits and recognizes members and volunteers, greets members and guests at monthly meetings, tracks attendance, and ensures accuracy of our membership directory.

Membership Committee Chairmembership@charlottedems.com

The Precinct Coordinating Committee hosts monthly district meetings and leads the Precinct Captains’ work in your district to meet quarterly and monthly goals.

Precinct Coordinating Committee Chair: pcc@charlottedems.com 

Veterans Committee services as a voice for veterans in the political process, advises the Party and candidates on veterans’ issues, and advocates for veterans and their families.

Chair: veterans@charlottedems.com

The Young Democrats Committee ensures the Charlotte County Democrats truly represents, includes, and serves young people. The Committee helps recruit interns, register voters, and increase voter turnout among voters (and future voters) ages 14-40.

Young Democrats Committee Chairyoungdems@charlottedems.com 

This caucus promotes Hispanic/Latino economic, social, and political advancement by discussing common issues, sharing ideas, resources, knowledge, skills and abilities. Through networking and relationship building; the caucus unites Hispanics/Latinos in their political power, influence, and principles to achieve a more representative government.

Hispanic (Latino) Caucus Chair: hispanic@charlottedems.com

This caucus supports and encourages Florida lawmakers and legislation as well as candidates and businesses to preserve, protect and enhance Florida’s natural resources, including air and water quality, shorelines and coasts, aquifers, waterways, wetlands, wildlife, natural areas and publicly owned wild lands and parks.

You can join or renew via ActBlue at  https://secure.actblue.com/donate/charlotte-decf-dues

Environmental Caucus Chairenvironment@charlottedems.com

Democratic Clubs

Learn more by clicking the name of the club in the directory below.

The Charlotte County Democratic Club (CCDC) meets on the 2nd Saturday of the month from 10:00-12 noon. Over 100 members work tirelessly through volunteerism to promote Democratic values, candidates and elections. CCDC is for people who want to be a part of a liberal community and enjoy a social outlet. Our own volunteer projects are community based, although our members volunteer regularly for DEC organized projects as well. Our members are the “quiet Dems” who put signs in their yards and bumper stickers on their cars, write postcards, help with mailings, make the Covid masks, create the buttons, posters and other articles to spread the Democratic view. These are the people that wave signs and flags on the highway, these are the people who are the backbone of the Party in Charlotte County.  The club provides a fun venue at events for people to relax and enjoy the company of like-minded neighbors and friends. CCDC is an avenue to join in activism and an easy introduction to the DEC. Join the club, you’ll be glad you did! Like us on Facebook.

Club address: 3596 Tamiami Trail, # 102, Port Charlotte, FL 33952 (Sunnydell Plaza)
Club phone: 941-258-3542

Learn more

The Charlotte County Democratic Women’s Club (DWC) meets on the 2nd Monday of the month at 4:00 PM. The DWC is an organization of diverse individuals who work to support the values, platforms, and endorsed candidates of the Democratic Women’s Club of Florida and the Florida Democratic Party. Our action efforts include supporting young scholars, getting out the vote, and joining in local, statewide, and national initiatives and events, especially those that primarily affect women. Visit us at https://dwccharlotte.com/ and like us on Facebook.

The Englewood Democratic Club (EDC) meets on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 5:30 pm. Join like-minded voters across both Charlotte and Sarasota counties that make up the town of Englewood. This club supports environmental stewardship, accessible healthcare for all citizens, protecting Social Security and the Democratic Party platform. For more information, please call:  (941) 270-3441  or email: englewooddemclub@gmail.com.  Like us on Facebook.

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