Why did Trump caravan get covered?

Letter to the Charlotte Sun Editor, Dec 18, 2020

The day after the Supreme Court shredded the Republican attempt to overturn a free and fair election with a partisan power grab thwarting the will of a majority of American voters, the Sun ran a front-page story on a Trump caravan whose main purpose is to support a President who is trying to steal the election. Shame on you.

I am not only appalled by number of the Republicans trying to pull off this coup and who insist that Trump did not lose the election, but also at a newspaper that elevated a Trump caravan to the same front page news about the Supreme Court’s rejection of the seditious Texas lawsuit, the rising toll of COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths, and FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine.

Why do people who are rallying in support of overturning a free and fair election deserve front-page coverage? Put it on the calendar or in the local page. It’s not front page news even if there are a few sentences about the participants bringing toys for children. Those toys are wrapped in disinformation.

When President-elect Joe Biden supporters want a front-page story about why we believe in our founding principles, the sanctity of our democracy and the fact that Joe Biden won the election freely and fairly, will we need to organize a caravan? Or will it be enough to include all the ongoing work we are doing in the community to ensure our neighbors are not going hungry for food or facts.

Penelope Mayer

Punta Gorda

Image Credits: Sun Coast Media Group