Why does the media bash Biden?

By Jennifer Rubin,  The Washington Post, Oct 27, 2023.

The gulf between President Biden’s performance in office and the coverage of his presidency is as vast as it has been in any modern presidency.

Biden has steered the country out of a recession and pandemic, gotten through a slew of critical legislation (some bipartisan), avoided a default on the debt, set the stage for about 14 million new jobs and overseen a resurgence of manufacturing. Internationally, he has restored the United States’ image and solidified and expanded NATO in defense of Ukraine. Nevertheless, mainstream media coverage has been incessantly negative, dwelling on fears of recession, pointing to failure to “unite the country” (as if unity were possible in the MAGA era), obsessing over premature polling of dubious value and regurgitating MAGA talking points about his age.

Biden’s accomplishments are now too obvious to ignore. If the Israel-Gaza war becomes an inflection point for the media, it will be long overdue.

 Image Credits: whitehouse.gov